Here’s the Problem: The Great Obama-Lopez Promotion of 2009

Here’s the Problem:  Obama is doing promos for George Lopez’s new late night talk show.  There are a myriad of problems here, including late night talk on cable and whoever let George Lopez being on TV in the first place.  But most prominent of all is this sneaking suspicion that maybe our president should be busy… with… other things?

Actual Problem:  I’m afraid our boy thinks this is his way of getting in good with the Mexicans without having to pass a healthcare bill or talk about immigration.  But truth be told, if Barack showed up at the next Chabad telethon I’d give him a pass to take the day off and float on the Dead Sea while he’s in Israel this week.


Special Thanks to favorite former intern (shhh… they’re all my favorites!), Kelly, for bringing this national shame to our attention.


2 responses to “Here’s the Problem: The Great Obama-Lopez Promotion of 2009

  1. He DID tape it during the 08 campaign, but still — agreed, it’s a problem.

  2. This would have been fun if it aired LAST year, like in Dec. but seeing it now is all downside.

    Most people will not notice or care it was shot in ’08, so it ends up fueling the perception that he is over-exposed and kinda cheapens the Presidency. Obama should not being doing TV show promos PERIOD, never mind for George Lopez.

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