Here’s the Problem: Torn Up Sox


Here’s the Problem:  It’s never fun when your team loses it all in October (which is why I’m a Mets fan, the expected disappointment in knowing that the season won’t be going anywhere AGAIN is gradual), but this last Sox series was dismal.  If you can’t root for America’s team, what the point?

Actual Problem:  What now?!  It’s only October 12th  and I’m not seeing hope in the Nets or the Jets.  Might as well get out my needles and start following the Calabasas Cats soccer – I hear there’s a new 4th grader who just transferred.


2 responses to “Here’s the Problem: Torn Up Sox

  1. Since when are the SOX America’s team and who choses? Do we all get a vote? Is the electoral college involved?

  2. I feel ya on the lack of rooting for the home team. HOWEVER, at least you have a whole league of teams based in the United States. Canada, we got our one team (one team we care about) and our poor Jay’s suck. They fucking stink. At one point a few years ago they were literally selling tickets for a dollar. Didn’t win then. Doubt they’ll win for a while.

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