Here’s the Problem: Crazy Trumps Bitchy


Here’s the Problem:  Forbes released their list of Prime Time’s top earning women and Tyra Banks in all her smiling eyes, big fat ass, self indulgent craziness topped of the list.   Earning $30 mil this year, she beat out brat-actress Katherine Heigl by $12 mil.

Actual Problem:  Crazy gets paid.  Crazy makes good TV and high drama gets ratings.  You’d never see Mary Tyler Moore make that list… unless she changes her position on a Rhoda/Ed Asner threesome.


2 responses to “Here’s the Problem: Crazy Trumps Bitchy

  1. The last time I liked Tyra as a TV personality was when she had that small reoccurring role on Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

  2. I think she probably makes most of her money because a version of ANTM (plus ours version) airs in like every country and she owns the rights.

    It also has gotten a lot less enjoyable as it’s gotten to be more about Tyra and less about modeling.

    I can’t even watch her talk show for a minute.

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