Here’s the Problem: Premature Aging


Here’s the Problem:   Look at this picture of the other Double-L.  She’s a mess.  I suppose it’s be the partying and the drugs and the mental illness (let’s be honest, that girl is falling off a chemical imbalance beam).

Actual Problem:  What if she’s the real life Jack and no one’s going to diagnosis it till it’s too late?  OR what if it’s late onset Benjamin Button Syndrome and we have to look forward to a remake of the remake of The Parent Trap in 30 years?  I am afraid for the future.

**Thanks to co-worker Searls for this late day fear factor challenge.


One response to “Here’s the Problem: Premature Aging

  1. If she already looks like this at 23, she’s well on her way to cougar status by 30.

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