Here’s The Problem: Bikes on the Road


this is NOT an automoblie.

Here’s The Problem: I’m the worst driver in Los Angeles. I’m possibly the worst driver in California, if you want to know the truth. But let me tell you something – a BICYCLE is not a CAR. Do not tempt me by peddling your Schwinn in front of my car like you’re in a goddamn Saturn. I’ll hit you – if not on purpose – by accident.

Actual Problem: The road is not big enough for tiny girls who can’t drive and dumbasses in spandex bike shorts.


2 responses to “Here’s The Problem: Bikes on the Road

  1. Just because your lazy and probably fat dosen’t mean you have to hate on people who like to have fun or that are trying to make a difference by biking to work. I agree some bikers are assholes and they shouldn’t be allowed t ride on the street, but most are not.

    • herestheproblem

      The lazy one of us is 100 lbs and the fat one runs marathons. So just because you don’t like this post doesn’t mean you have to attack our character. I don’t know what kinda biker you are, but as a person you’re an asshole.

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