Here’s the Problem: Tiny Kardashians


No better way to sex-up a costume than to lose the bottom part. 6th grade, here you come!

Here’s the Problem:  This photo.  Not Kim’s cleavage (the most obscene thing to hit Disney since that phallic Little Mermaid scene).  And not Khloe … who actually looks normal.  Hmm.. nice.  But those two little ones – Kylie, age 12, and Kendall, age 14, look ready to be the most popular girls at a frat party.

Actual Problem:  You know what I went as for Halloween when I was 12?  A  tea bag.  I’m not even kidding.  Yes, I’m also amazed that I turned out as normal as I am.  Also, if you have a photo of this, keep it to yourself.  KEEP IT TO YOURSELF (mom).


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