Here’s the Problem: Kush Support


Here’s the Problem:  I’m a fairly well endowed woman, and yet I cannot see the use for a cylinder to support the weight of one breast while I sleep on my side.

Actual Problem:  I’ve watched their sales video a few times and the more I watch the dirtier I feel.  The satin pouch by the bed side, the range of skin tone colors.  Methinks this was a pitch for another product gone wrong…


Shout out to Kathey Leverton for sending me this link in hopes I would get it more than she did.  No, Kathey, this makes as much sense as hologram bracelets to improve your balance.  Oh, wait…


2 responses to “Here’s the Problem: Kush Support

  1. Amazeballs… Or should I say amazeboobies? I’m a fairly endowed chick myself who sleeps on her side, and, yeah… NO THANKS!

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