Here’s the Problem: Unnecessary Mammogram Bullshit

Here’s the Problem:  The United States Preventative Services Task Force (that name alone is problem) has issued a statement that they’re not really recommending mammograms for women between 40 and 49 anymore.  Because, ya know, it’s a pain to get checked out, and it’s only someone’s life at stake.  This coming from the same task force that doesn’t think women should do self examinations.   The last thing we need is bad science like this convincing insurance companies to not cover life-saving tests.

Actual Problem:  1 in 1,900 women in this age group is going to get breast cancer if she’s diagnosed or not, and we all know the benefits of early detection.   What better way to show your support by plastering this message across your boobs!!! Spreading the message about getting checked out while being checked out?  That’s the kinda dream that message tees are made of!

Thank you to Kathleen Moore for being a reasonable voice in this debate and for designing these awesome shirts.   (And also for passing along this gem.  Just as controversial.)


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