Here’s the Problem: Stoners Making Decisions

Here’s the Problem:  The LA City  Attorney has been on the war path the last couple years trying to ban the sale of medical marijuana at the hundreds of dispensaries around the city.   But luckily, our democratic system of government prevails and council committees ignored his suggestions and simply revised the standing provision to state that dispenseries can sell, but not make a profit.

Actual Problem:  Wait… what was I talking about?   Oh, yeah.  Ummm… I’m not sure there’s a problem here.  I’ll uhhh… wait, what were talking about?  Oh yeah!  Here’s the problem – the people who benefit most from this discussion have probably been too otherwise occupied to celebrate the news.

Happy Friday Everyone!


One response to “Here’s the Problem: Stoners Making Decisions

  1. I only get my current news from your blogs…and i feel so up to date cause of it. So thank you !

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