Here’s the Problem: RipT Fusion

Here’s the Problem:  RipT Fusion is a form-fitted T-shirt that is injected with steroids so a guy is instantly transformed from flab to fab when he puts it on.  It’s for men who really like fried food and also like being attractive.  Guess what? You can’t have both, lard ass.  I know because I’m a chick, and spanks are not the answer to anyone’s problems.

Actual Problem:  When you take this fit-looking boy home and take off his shirt, there is no hiding what nature can’t conceal.  It’s revenge for all the disappointment the miracle bra has brought over the years.


Thank you to Dr. Sophie Ambrose for this post.  Her expert medical opinion is to stay away from a shirt you need a prescription for.


2 responses to “Here’s the Problem: RipT Fusion

  1. Finally, an inconspicuous way to get my daily steroid intake!

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