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Here’s The Problem: Suri Cruise as a Fashionista

Here’s The Problem: Suri Cruise has a Blog dedicated to her. It’s called the Suri Cruise Fashion Blog. What will Suri wear next???? OMG I’m DYING to know! A romper? A tiny tee that cost more than my rent? Some sparkly high heels? The possibilites are endless!

Actual Problem: At that age, the only exclamation over your clothes should be Osh Kosh B’Gosh!

Here’s The Problem: Miley’s Tattoo

Here’s The Problem: Ok, so I’m a week or so behind on my Miley gossip – but here we go anyway. This tattoo that Miley is sporting seems to read “Just Breathe”, like the Faith Hill song. I would have picked “Just Dance” cause I’m more of a Lady Gaga fan, but I digress…It should really say “Just Not Legal” – cause home girl is only 17.

Actual Problem: When Daddy Ray Cyrus has to sign a permission slip before you can do something you should probably “Just Wait”.

Here’s The Problem: Kim Kardashian’s Soggy Salad

Here’s The Problem: Now, everyone knows that I have an unhealthy obsession with the Kardashians. So, I was super stoked when I  found out that Kim was going to be in a Carl’s JR commercial. Burgers AND Kardashians!!??!!! OMG best commercial ever. But then, I watched it…..

Actual Problem: Salad does not belong in or near the tub. I mean – really. Or to put this in simpler terms, as my sister, Kelsey said “The actual problem is IT SUCKS.”

Here’s The Problem: McDonald’s Staff as Friends

Here’s The Problem: Last night I went to my local McDonald’s to get some dinner and something terrible ensued. The nameless, faceless, voice behind the speaker said “Hey, you changed your order. Don’t you normally get a number 3?” Oh dear, oh dear……

Actual Problem: When the people making your Big Mac Meal know you by the sound of your squeaky voice, it is perhaps time to learn to cook.

Here’s The Problem: Flip Commercials

REALLY? No, Sally Jesse Wanna-be a spokesmodel at age 49 but instead I’m on this whack ad for the FLIP, no, I do NOT Flip.

Here’s The Flippin Problem: I cannot watch another Flip commercial. I can’t. Ok, so your tiny son got paint on his face – soooo cute – look, send it to Grandma. And ok, maybe you saw a dog in a backpack, or your kid went down the slide and for some reason that’s like, this huge deal. WHATEVER. We get it – a Flip will record all these precious moments.

Actual Problem: If I have to watch one more of these commercials I’m gonna flip my TV over and throw it out the window.

Here’s The Problem: Snookie on the Web

Here’s The Problem: My favorite chick from Jersey Shore, Snookie, has her own website. Snook, has so far wowed us with: half naked cartwheels in the bar, a Priscilla Presley hair-do NOT and orange skin. But this website can’t be beat!

Actual Problem: There are no pictures of her getting punched in the face by that big dude. 😦 Buzz Kill, Snooker Bar!

Here’s the Problem: The Untitled Bunchend-Brady Project

Here’s the Problem:  Gisele Bunchend and Tom Brady have yet to name their child and she popped this kid out 9 days ago!!! Get this kid a shot gun now cuz it’s all downhill.

Actual Problem:  Please help the current holders of America’s Worst Parent Award name this baby before it’s too late:

Thank you to Nicole Searls for being an excellent Soup & Gossip Mag partner and pointing out this story.

And a special thank you to *BoyBoss* for his help getting a “poll up in this piece”