Here’s the Problem: Booze Pills

Here’s the Problem:  Russian scientists have CURED CANCER!!!!!!!!!!  Just kidding – they did something BETTER!  A professor at the Saint Petersburg Technological University found a way to solidify vodka and put it in a pill.

Actual Problem:  Mixing up your anxiety pills with your booze pills.  Actually… not a bad idea.  Mixing up your headache pills with your booze pills?  Also, not a bad idea.  Mixing up your heart medication with your booze pills.  Yeah, that would suck.

Special thanks to my favorite Kyle, for whom now everything is possible again.


One response to “Here’s the Problem: Booze Pills

  1. Back up the trolley, you’re telling me there is now a calorie-free way to get plastered? Slutty co-ed’s rejoice! You no longer have to forgo dinner (and sometimes lunch AND dinner) in order to accommodate your calorie intake from booze!

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