Here’s the Problem: Tila Tequila’s Engaged

Here’s the Problem:  Our favorite social butterfly (practicing my 2010 New Years Resolution of using euphamisms) Tila Tequila is going to tie the knot!  No, not her fallopean tubes (Christmas gift suggestion?), but for realsies getting hitched.  This morning she announced her engagement to Casey Johnson (of No Tears Shampoo fame).

Actual Problem:  It’s a 17 carat ring.  On Tila Tequila. That mixed up, publicity hungry, bisexual whore is wearing an African village’s years worth of food on her finger.  What? I’ve got 22 days till that resolution goes into effect.

Thanks Moye for this story.  I never would have known.  It’s good to have a friend who dedicates full days to “celebrity” twitter feeds.


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