Here’s the Problem: Jersey Shore 1*

Does no one pay attention to posted signs anymore?

Here’s the Problem:  I’m all caught up on the first 3 episodes of MTV’s Jersey Shore.  Yes, I know I’m a little late, but I thought  – I grew up amidst this mess, I don’t need to watch it on TV!  I could use that time watching more important stuff (like The Sing Off – Maxx Factor 4-eva!).    But now that I’m all sucked in, I’d like to add my two cents to the pile of counterfeit change on MTV’s doorstep.   What I loved most about the shore were not just the Italian Guidos and Guidettes, but the wannabes.  The Columbian Guidos, the Jewish Guidettes, the Black guys standing outside your favorite water ice stand talking like their Sicilian grandmother just dropped them off.

Actual Problem:  I’m having trouble relating here.  Not only cuz I’ve never gotten naked in a rooftop hot tub full of strangers, but because even though I went to high school with a Mike Capozzi AND a Mike Capizzi, I don’t feel Italian enough to be apart of this group.

*Just giving myself the opportunity to make this a series, should it become necessary… and it WILL be necessary.


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