Here’s The Problem: Suri Cruise as a Fashionista

Here’s The Problem: Suri Cruise has a Blog dedicated to her. It’s called the Suri Cruise Fashion Blog. What will Suri wear next???? OMG I’m DYING to know! A romper? A tiny tee that cost more than my rent? Some sparkly high heels? The possibilites are endless!

Actual Problem: At that age, the only exclamation over your clothes should be Osh Kosh B’Gosh!


5 responses to “Here’s The Problem: Suri Cruise as a Fashionista

  1. This dress would never fly on Project Runway.

  2. Suri looks absolutely ridiculous in this outfit. She can’t even play with any other kids cos the dress restricts her. Her parents are on the way to making her a very unlikeable kid. I can’t stand her already.

  3. that’s not good for her,she’s still child…

  4. Why are we assuming Tom and Katie forced her to wear this? Anyone who has kids knows that they can get incredibly picky and stubborn about their clothes at a very early age. Suri probably picked this gown out herself at some Disney Princess store or something. I know from experience that it’s not worth having a screaming fit every morning trying to force kids to wear “normal” clothes if they don’t want to, and Suri is always seen in very girlie items. That just seems to be her personality. I don’t see it as a problem.

  5. I had daughters, and have granddaughters who LOVE to dress up. One of my granddaughters wears her fairy wings to church. She is in Kindergarten and sneaks her play high heals and dress up princess costume into her backpack to wear at school. Another wore the same scruffy cowboy boots with shorts, a swimsuit, and dresses. YIKES!!

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