Here’s the Problem: Fergie and Josh Renew Their Vows

Here’s the Problem:  Fergie and Josh Duhamel renewed their marriage vows this weekend after being married a few days short of a year.  Surely an attempt to get their rocky marriage back on track after rumors of Josh’s infideltity.

Actual Problem: Renewing your vows before your one year anniversary isn’t romantic, it’s retarded.  How about you take those vows seriously the first time around Mr. I-didn’t-realize-my-wife’s-face-was-so-busted-until-I-slept-with-this-stripper.**

**This in no way detracts from Fergie’s awesomeness in every other aspect – talent, personality, body, etc.  just sayin her face…


2 responses to “Here’s the Problem: Fergie and Josh Renew Their Vows

  1. Blasphemy! Fergie may not have the same glorious countenance as someone like Nicole Kidman, but who else can do a one handed cartwheel in leather pants while singing “Ooh Barracuda” and not even miss a note? Fergie’s hotness is in her magnetism, if the stripper slore is telling the truth, then Josh is an idiot. PS, I’d hit it.

  2. I don’t think her face is that bad…

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