Here’s the Problem: Slanket Siamese

Here’s the Problem:  Apparently the Slanket Siamese is SOLD OUT.  Um… what?

Actual Problem:  I just need to know what the order of events is here.  Do you find a mate and then tell him I’m willing to give up sex in exchange for sleeved blanket comfort? Or do I buy one and then revise my JDate profile to say I only want a guy who will spent more than 6 hours a day watching TV on the couch with me watching our weight reach numbers I only hear on TLC obesity specials?


2 responses to “Here’s the Problem: Slanket Siamese

  1. another problem, shouldn’t it be called the siamese slanket?

  2. As an expert on watching tv, there is a fine line of too much . These siamese snuggies must be very popular. I wish someone got me one for hanukkah

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