Here’s the Problem: Conan V. Leno

Here’s the Problem: Our fans are going nuts that we haven’t addressed the biggest late night media story.  How is George Lopez getting such great guests?  Kidding.  It’s been confirmed in the last hour that Leno will move back to the 11:35 spot and Conan will most likely broadcast his last new episode on Friday 1/22.  This is very sad.  We know funny, and pointing out typos in local help wanted ads isn’t funny.

Actual Problem:  There are bigger news stories out there than who’s going to kiss up to celebrity guests at 11:35 each night.  Such as – how does this effect the actual King of Late Night, Jimmy Fallon?


One response to “Here’s the Problem: Conan V. Leno

  1. Awesome. I feel like Jimmy cries like a baby in his dressing room before the show, because no one seems to care. Poor Jim. I hope this problem gets resolved, like moving Jimmy to the Late Night show.

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