Here’s the Problem: Katy Perry’s Hackensack

Here’s the Problem:  The future Mrs. Brand covered one of my favorite songs written about my hometown.  She makes it sound much sweeter than I remember it sounding on a mixed tape I got freshman year in college when Fountains of Wayne sang it.

Actual Problem:  At least FOW lived in North Jersey.  I’m not buying this love story shit from a girl who doesn’t know that period 1 at 8:15 in Hackensack can only happen once you clear away the weave bits from in front of your locker from the fight the night before.

Also, if you do ever come back to Hackensack, I’ll be a plane ride away…


One response to “Here’s the Problem: Katy Perry’s Hackensack

  1. I love the FOW version, but I think Katy Perry both completely misses the point (it’s not about going home, it’s about the dude stuck at home crying over a girl who didn’t know he existed) and doesn’t have the right voice for this song.

    Plus I hate her, since the Jill Sobule “I Kissed a Girl” is like a million times better than her’s and now Jill is missing out on all the royalties every time there’s a fame-whoring lesbian kiss on reality TV. So really there’s just nothing good to be said.

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