Here’s the Problem: Funeral Evite

I'm going to hell. I'll send an invite for the shiva.

Here’s the Problem:  People have been going to funerals for hundreds of years – before the internet – BEFORE Facebook! (How did anyone ever know if they were friends or not?).  So when a friend told me about an online invite for a funeral I thought she must be referring to a Farmville chicken death.  But no, this was a legit open invitation to mourn her friend’s father’s death.

Actual Problem: Being able to view the guest list before you decide if you want to spend your Tuesday afternoon at Trinka-Faustini Funeral Home is not what God intended for when he invented Facebook.

**Thanks Laura for shedding light on this problem. Oh, and super sorry for your loss.


2 responses to “Here’s the Problem: Funeral Evite

  1. 3000’s boos to you me and biting my tongue holding back equally insensitive commentary

  2. this is still really not funny

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