Here’s the Problem: Jersey Shore Spoiled

For $10,000 I'd let someone punch me in the face. But you couldn't pay me enough to wear that.

Here’s the Problem:  I knew it.  I just knew it.  Nothing this good could stay pure for long.  The kids from Jersey Shore are asking for upwards of $10,000 per episode next season.  This is 20,000% increase from what they were making on the gem of a season that just ended.

Actual Problem:  The integrity of the show.  It’s impossible to stay white trash with a  few thousand bucks in your pocket.   Oh, nevermind.


2 responses to “Here’s the Problem: Jersey Shore Spoiled

  1. this has completely disappointed me. Yes they are quality actors, they do an amazing job of entertaining us, get into lots of fights, charm us american viewers, make the jersey shore look like beverly hills. wait what was my original point.

  2. Dude, nothing gold can stay, ponyboy. I think it’s a terrible mistake to even contemplate bringing the same cast on next season — it’s less fun if they’re performing for us, instead of just being naturally entertaining!

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