Here’s the Problem: IPad

Here’s the Problem:  Apple announced their brand new gadget today – the iPad – and no, you don’t have to wait till that time of the month to use it.

Actual Problem:  The only time we’re excited about something 25x the normal size, is when you can eat it.


5 responses to “Here’s the Problem: IPad

  1. With all of the hype around Apple’s whatever ipad, ipud, islate, idunno if it doesn’t read minds or increase dick size people will be disappointed.

  2. I think the era of Apple “i-naming” all their products has officially ended.

  3. iThink it looks like a comically huge iPhone.

  4. ha!

    I don’t even understand what you’re supposed to do with that thing. Surely, your not supposed to carry it around with you.

    Ah, that Steve Jobs. What an effeminately-fingered weirdo.

  5. The “iPad” is an unfortunate name that already has me thinking Apple has migrated into the feminine product market.

    (Of course, this doesn’t help:

    But that giant cupcake you linked to? I want to go there.

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