Here’s the Problem: Audience Participation Time

Here’s the Problem:  Us girls are a. tired, b. swamped with work, c. turning way too cynical from overthinking celebrity problems, d. sober.  Thousands (yes, mom, thousands) of people read this blog each day and yet we don’t get a lot of feedback.

Actual Problem: Calling all heavy hearted, disenfranchised, overworked Los Angelinos –

What’s the best bar to go to alone?  Leave your comments here.  Maybe one of us will meet you there one day.


5 responses to “Here’s the Problem: Audience Participation Time

  1. I confess, I’m guilty! Guilty of greedily clicking on here DAILY for my ‘Here’s the Problem’ fix, only to then go about my merry way without ever typing a much deserved “LOL” or an “I hear dat!” in the comment box.

    I apologize.

  2. Technically, as women you could go to ANY bar alone and it wouldn’t be a big deal.

    That said, I’d settle on one of the Santa Monica hotel bars like Viceroy or Veranda. They are nice, and because they’re part of hotels, other people are bound to be alone as well.

  3. i love the bars in abbott kinney (venice)… “the other room” is awesome. last time i was there you were allowed to take your dog in the bar! oh and order food from local places & have it delivered to you at the bar… (since they don’t sell food – they don’t care).

  4. i know how you feel about the valley but there is a bar called the chimney sweep. its kinda a dive bar, drinks are cheap. plus there is a schwarma place right next door to it. I actually dont think it stays open too late.

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