Here’s the Problem: WORLDS COLLIDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here’s the Problem:  I am sorry for maybe over-using all CAPS in the past, but OMG you guys!!!!!  Pauly D. – Pauly Fucking D – famous for sleeping with grenades and beating up the beat – is dating … wait for it… Farrah Abraham – famous for getting knocked up at 16 by some unknown dude and getting knocked out by her mom (seriously, good job Debra, that girl is a brat and a half).

Actual Problem: Holy Shit.  My mind is blown.  Here we go:

  • A huge rise in the possibility of shaken baby syndrome
  • Spin off with The Situation called 2 Guys, a Girl, and … oh shit, where’d I leave my baby?
  • A toddler at the shore house next season means new hot chicks in the house!
  • J-Woww accidentally roasting the kid thinking it’s a ham
  • How do we make a fake ID to get that baby into Karma?
  • Snookie getting jealous that everyone thinks this kid’s baby fat is cute and hers still isn’t
  • All out brawl – Ronnie and Mom Debra on the boardwalk – “You’re not a fucking guido!”

Keep ’em coming guys.  I cannot get enough of this.


2 responses to “Here’s the Problem: WORLDS COLLIDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. this will be the best wedding special since Ryan and Trista!

  2. baby’s first fist pump!

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