Here’s the Problem: Snooki Sex Tape

Calling all pickle fetishists

Here’s the Problem:  Putting forth a very weak attempt at denial in magazine interviews, it’s safe to assume that yes, there is a Snooki sex tape, and yes, times will get desperate enough after Jersey Shore Season 3: Hudson River that she will sell it.

Actual Problem: The first porn I ever watched was a midget porn in Carrie Williams’ basement.   I’m already preparing myself for the deja vu.

*Thank you to Amanda Johanson for the tip off via text message.  Actual Problem: Not having gchat is effecting my ability to keep this blog up.


One response to “Here’s the Problem: Snooki Sex Tape

  1. lol…who wouldnt want to see that tape. i already set my tivo for jersey shore 3

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