Here’s the Problem: Jackson Kids

Here’s the Problem:  I know, I know.  You say “too soon”.   I say, “I have a blog to write.  So suck it. ”

Michael Jackson’s son, Prince, and daughter, Paris, spoke on his behalf at the Grammy’s on Sunday.  Prince had a commanding stage presence and impressive speaking ability that makes me think he could be the next Rod Blagojevich.

Actual Problem:  Paris Jackson.  Whose lack of poise, slurred speech, and unintelligible message had me thinking she could be the next… well… Paris.

**Special thanks to reader Hillary Weiss for practically being the part-time intern we always dreamt of and sending us this and many other stellar problems.   Hillary’s in school for something, and those classes are already paying off because she’s been ignoring off her lecture in favor of reading HTP.  That’s using your noggin.


2 responses to “Here’s the Problem: Jackson Kids

  1. Also, can we talk about how weird and plastic-y their cousins behind them looked?

  2. “…makes me think he could be the next Rod Blagojevich.”


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