Here’s The Problem: Meryl vs. Sandy

"I'm gonna beat Meryl. Do you understand?!"

Here’s The Problem: Oscar nominations have come out and my girl Sandy Bullock is nominated for Best Actress! I’m so very proud of her and have been her super fan ever since I saw While You Were Sleeping. But……..she’s up against Meryl….and we ALL know what happens when Meryl is nominated for things…..Meryl wins. Sigh.

Actual Problem: The Academy has yet to get back to me about my “Just For Meryl” category proposal.


2 responses to “Here’s The Problem: Meryl vs. Sandy

  1. I’m thinking it’s Sandy’s year, you know? Plus, Meryl gets nominated for an Oscar all the time, but when was her last win…?

  2. im going to make this kinda a lost episode…what if sandy was going up against helen mirren ?

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