Here’s the Problem: Sitcom “Star” Comebacks

Here’s the Problem: Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence both known from Dancing with the Stars (and my 10 year old fantasies) are making comebacks – starring in an ABC Family sitcom about… who cares.   More disturbing is a Showtime series starring an aging Matt Leblanc called Episodes, about Matt LaBlanc being a crappier version of Matt LaBlanc.

Actual Problem:  Remember when LaBlanc played a pathetically bad actor on Friends?  And then he got to do it again on Joey?   I think he’s taking this method acting too far.

*thanks intern Hillary

2 responses to “Here’s the Problem: Sitcom “Star” Comebacks

  1. joey was a timeless classic. Who cares sounds like it could be up there with arrested development and modern family. I will set my tivo for it.

  2. Summer jones

    I think this sitcom will be a winner. I am looking forward to it.

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