Here’s the Problem: Taylor/Kelly Throwdown

Claws Out!

Here’s the Problem: No one said Taylor Swift had the best voice (well, besides my alcoholic ex boyfriend, but he’s in rehab for that too).  So when she didn’t have the best performance at the Grammys we let it slide.  She’s a kid with a great knack for songwriting so we’re not expecting Whitney Houston.  But instead of letting this fade into the background like your loss for 7th grade president, Scott Borchetta, the CEO of Swift’s label got into defense mode.  Blaming volume this, technical that, and worst of all blaming the expectations of the audience, saying,

This is not American Idol. This is not a competition of getting up and seeing who can sing the highest note

In response, Kelly Clarkson – THE American Idol – spewed back.   Giving Borchetta a piece of her mind.  She’s an Idol with substance, she says.

Actual Problem:  There’s gonna be a – what? – a girl fight!

Nah… actually, Taylor and Kelly will probably continue to shower each other with compliments and be completely sweet and kind.  They’re just that kinda girl.  Boring ones.


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