Here’s the Problem: Facebook Layout Catastrophe

Here’s the Problem:  CALM THE FUCK DOWN.  Yes, your favorite social networking site looks a little different when you log on now.  Suck it up and deal.  Remember when we used to go to the library and go through encyclopedias to do reports and then they came out with a CD-ROM and it played national anthems in that tinny format? We didn’t whine about that.  We embraced change.  So why get in a huff now that your favorite time wasting website you spend your day wasting time on (besides this one, of course) put your contact list on the left rather than the right?

Actual Problem: There was an earthquake in Haiti, y’all.  Let’s get our “whiney ass” priorities straight and send a really expensive text message.

Thank you Sam Caino for sharing this problem, coining the term “whiney ass” and for sharing his Facebook front page with the world.


4 responses to “Here’s the Problem: Facebook Layout Catastrophe

  1. LOL…you are absolutely right oh wise ones. I nearly had a breakdown over the new page then thought about it for a second and realized it wasnt a big deal

  2. I’m all for the expensive text message, there are more important things in this world! Thanks for getting that straight…

  3. This layout change bothered me far less than the disastrous one last year. They’ve undone and/or improved upon most of those missteps since.

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