Here’s The Problem: Alice in Wonderland

some images may be frightening for children (and adults)....

Here’s The Problem: Ok, the new Alice in Wonderland Movie….can we talk about this? OMG. I want to cry everytime I see a preview – because i’m TERRIFIED. This is a Disney movie??? The Mad Hatter looks like he’s on heroin..

Actual Problem: I haven’t been this traumatized since Scar threw Mufasa off that cliff.


6 responses to “Here’s The Problem: Alice in Wonderland

  1. I think the Mad Hatter looks like Willy Wonka from the remake 😉


  2. Here is the problem, who keeps thinking Tim Burton should TimBurton-ize classic movies? His track record hasn’t proven him in the slightest (i.e. Planet of the Apes, Willy Wonka, Sweeny Todd, etc). Let’s stop this person in the world who keeps saying, “This movie is good, but let’s have Tim Burton come in and muck it up, spend a buttload of money, and ruin a classic! Good idea, right??”

    Goodness gracious!

  3. seriously! can you imagine all this talk about people doing drugs then going to watch?! someone is going to have a bad trip and something very very bad is bound to happen

  4. I have two words for you:

    Bam. Bi.

    Disney is all about traumatizing kids.

  5. haha tim burton’s great. i’m stoked for it.

  6. The 3-D version will be the stoner/tweaker movie of the year.

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