Here’s the Problem: Utah Getting Rid of 12th Grade

Here’s the Problem:  Times are rough –  I know because for the first time in years,  friends’ requirements to ONLY go to Katsuya have been turned down by empty-pocketed suitors.  But things are even worse in Utah, where they’re proposing to get rid of senior year.

Actual Problem: Granted, most Utah high school grads go directly into stuffing envelopes for your credit card company or stuffing their uteruses with babies (depending on which part of Salt Lake City you’re from), but 12th grade is kinda important. Saving $60 million at the expense of 17 year olds not being able to take advantage of senior cut day, or sex after prom, or filling the school pool with that weird Mormon underwear doesn’t seem worth it.  Then again, “an uneducated population is much easier to manipulate”.


One response to “Here’s the Problem: Utah Getting Rid of 12th Grade

  1. So I am actually from Utah and unfortunately my parents live in West Jordan (the city that asshole Buttars was voted in from). He’s an idiot and this “idea” of his infuriates me so much that I can’t even think of something witty to say about your post.

    On a side note I just found this blog and find it to be extremely pleasing.

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