Here’s the Problem: Olympic-sized Ego

Here’s the Problem:  In Olympic news Evan Lysacek won Gold over Evgani Plusenko in men’s figure skating.  This is a big deal over here, because while they both sound like they’re Russkies, Evan is actually one of us (an American).   Evgani was none to happy about this and today on his website, he is proudly displaying his Olympic medals – Salt Lake Silver (nice), Torino Gold (well done) and Vancouver Platinum (uh… ‘scuse me?).

Actual Problem:  You don’t get to have that kinda hubris AND prance around in skin tight glitter.   And your wife looks like a man.  Ok, I’m done. 

U S A !  U S A !


One response to “Here’s the Problem: Olympic-sized Ego

  1. Draco Malfoy needs to go back to Russia, eat a pierogi and STFU.

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