Here’s The Problem: Dogs in Raincoats

i mean.....really?

Here’s The Problem: I have an issue with animals dressed as humans. So yesterday my best friend sends me a message telling me that she has purchased rain gear for her very small dog, Olive.

Actual Problem: Something that walks on all fours and comes with a built in fur coat should not need accessories for different types of weather.


5 responses to “Here’s The Problem: Dogs in Raincoats

  1. Listen child, sometimes you just don’t want to come home with a wet smelly dog… a raincoat helps. 🙂

    (Olive is cuter than this dog.)

  2. It actually has a purpose. Don’t speak on shit you don’t know about.

  3. The most of the dogs avoid the rain because they can get a barking cough….so its helps to keep it healthy.

  4. Where did that raincoat Olive is in come from? I love it and I want it for my girl Pepper.

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