Here’s the Problem: ChatRoulette

Here’s the Problem:  Chattroulette, a new social networking site that randomly matches you up with someone from around the world to video chat with, is taking the internet by storm. You might think “Oh this is such a good idea! I can get to know someone from around the world and learn their culture.”

Actual Problem:  More like, “Oh this is such a good idea!  I can watch a Romanian guy jerk off!”   They should  integrate ChatRoulette into this messed up program in Elmer, Indiana where the Middle School is fixing up kids as young as 11 – sometimes with 10th grader in the same school – to be in super special boy-girl relationships.  With ChatRoulette, this little girl could meet the man of her dreams, learn about a far off land for her next report, AND have a ton to talk about with her therapist in 8 years.

Special Thanks to Intern Hillary and introducing Craig Margolis as the inspiration for this post!


3 responses to “Here’s the Problem: ChatRoulette

  1. yay Craigy! Way to sign up to chatroulette!

  2. lol…thanks ky ! I am truly truly honored to be mentioned in the blog. I dont even know what to say right now . Hopefully this is the first of many. Thanks herestheproblem !

  3. No prob, Craigy! Hopefully you have more luck with Chatroulette than you did with JDate!

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