Here’s the Problem: Peter Gabriel, that Hipster

No drums. No Guitars. No thank you.

Here’s the Problem:  Get your debit cards ready Silverlake, Park Slope and all those too cool for school towns in Utah (really – get back to 3rd period Josiah)! Tomorrow is the day to pre-order the latest album from Peter Gabriel, Scratch My Back, featuring covers of Elbow, Magnetic Fields, and Bon Iver.

Actual Problem:  Yes, that Peter Gabriel.  The flautist from Genesis.  Hey Pete, just cuz Vampire Weekend calls you out in one song doesn’t mean your part of the club. You cannot make a gray mustache ironic.  Trust.

This concludes my “remember when I used to be douchey about music” relapse.  Back to our regularly scheduled Lady Gaga cynicism.


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