Here’s The Problem: Who the Hell Is Justin Bieber?

bean bag chairs are so hot.....when you're 11.

Here’s The Problem:  As my pal Tarsha would say, I just lost my damn mind. I was SO freakin sick of hearing people talk about this Justin Bieber character that I finally googled him. This fool is 16 and looks like he’s 10 and is a Canadian pop singer?? And we’re losing our shit over him? I mean this kid has tons of fan sites and stuff comes up like “Want to see Justin Bieber shirtless?” REALLY? So, I walked to the music library here at work and found nothing. So THEN, I actually spent $1.29 (that could have gone toward booze) and bought a random song called “One Less Lonely Girl”. This little dude’s voice hasn’t even changed yet!

Actual Problem: Prepubescent boys should keep their shirts on and their little soprano voices to themselves until they pop their first chest hair.

Actual Actual Problem: I’m getting too old and irritated for this shit.


2 responses to “Here’s The Problem: Who the Hell Is Justin Bieber?

  1. Right on! His cute lil face would look more apropriate on a precious moments card than an album cover. The lyrics of his songs are TOTALLY over his head. BTW I thought he was 14. Shows what I know.

  2. I could not agree more. The real question should be “Who the eff cares?”

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