Here’s the Problem: Ke$ha Placenta

That's an original Lisa Lenner. Call me for prints.

Here’s the Problem:  Ke$ha (who resembles the sorta hot homeless chick you stepped over to get to your car this morning) is wearing a placenta around her neck in order to gain new insight.

Actual Problem: Bitch is crazy and all that, but the actual problem here is that I just read the whole wiki sight about placentas and afterbirths and I am more sure than EVER that this body was made for one person and that person is me.  Mom, get ready for  Chinese grandkids.

**Special thanks for this problem to Kelly Harrington, who reminds me daily that life is more fun without a child or an organ hanging around your neck.


2 responses to “Here’s the Problem: Ke$ha Placenta

  1. herestheproblem

    Remember that time they put placenta in my eye and it cost my father 1,500 dollars? Yeah….

  2. i think everyone should adopt a chinese baby

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