Here’s the Problem: Gaga/Beyonce Telephone Video

Here’s the Problem:  WORLD PREMIERE VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!  Stop what you’re doing bitches.  If you’ve got a lifetime to spare and need help choosing a cell phone provider, watch the above video for Telephone that premiered last night on E! (with full intro and outro by Lord Seacrest himself – what I wouldn’t do to see that man’s network contract.)

Actual Problem:  Listen, I’m in no place to judge the creativity or content of this video (but I will judge what you’re wearing and how you conduct yourself in IM conversations, so watch it).  But I will say the relentless product placement ruined the experience almost as much as all the breaking for dialogue did. sponsoring a Gaga video creeps me out as much as sponsoring a Tiger Woods mistress pageant.


One response to “Here’s the Problem: Gaga/Beyonce Telephone Video

  1. TooManyProblems

    I don’t know where to start. Its super weird and Pulp Fiction – ish. Gaga looks like a real woman for once but the whack editing and gratuitous product placement take away from the few good parts.

    Is the message fashion imprisons us or that it sets us free?

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