Here’s The Problem: Pretty Wild

pretty stupid

Here’s The Problem: OMG. You guys. OMG. Have you watched Pretty Wild on E!? You must. Stop everything you’re doing and get to a tv. Three sisters -famous for nothing + one bat shit crazy mom – famous for once being in Playboy = a-maz-ing. The mom home schools them using teachings from – get ready – the “movie The Secret”. It’s so asinine you can’t even breathe. THEN – one of these dingbats like, stole a bunch of shit from Orlando Blooms house and she gets arrested and she is just SOBBING and SOBBING. I can’t get enough. I love it so so much. It’s so awful.

Actual Problem: These bitches are going to be so famous for being so stupid.

**I apologize (sorta) for the excessive use of explicatives – but it’s 6am – I’m grouchy.


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