Here’s the Problem: Victoria’s Secret Models

Here’s the Problem:  This new Victoria’s Secret ad (go ahead, watch above, I’ll wait…) is a bunch of fairly slender models going on about how much they love their bodies.  What a novel idea.

Actual Problem:  Thanks girls.  If I was a size 2 and had DD boobs, I’d be pretty thrilled too.  Although, since I’m not, watching you fondle yourself doesn’t make me want to buy your bra.  It makes me want to deflate it.

Thanks to reader Alex Ayala for this problem.  She’s not rushing out for any new panties either…


One response to “Here’s the Problem: Victoria’s Secret Models

  1. Wow. I thought it was enough when Dove tried to pretend they are women-positive in order to sell more product, but these guys aren’t even trying. One of the last frames, with a line of identical skinny model bodies with impossibly large breast-to-body fat ratios, and the voice-ever “there’s a body for EVERYBODY” just takes the cake. P.S…love your blog, just found it today via “Postcards from your Momma”

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