Here’s The Problem: LIVE!

Thanks to creative director extraordinaire CRISPY KIM for being the best director, shooter, editor, stage manager and friend two fed up bitches could ever have.


5 responses to “Here’s The Problem: LIVE!

  1. Favorite part — L: “mphff, really?” K: “Well don’t do it … you don’t have to do what I do” L “I’m not doing it.”

  2. I was also going to comment on that outfit…remember that tie-dyed jacket I loved in the 2nd grade…I LOVED it!!! but realized years later that it was a bad choice!

  3. You guys kill me!

  4. TooManyProblems

    Problem: 1st Vblog.

    Actual problem: Not doing enough Vblogs!

    Could be a great format for you two. Keep up the great work you always make me laugh.

  5. i loled, you guys should definitely do this more often.

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