Here’s the Problem: St. John Edwards

Here’s the Problem:  John Edwards, our near president who took up with Rielle Hunter while his wife is battling cancer, ranks just below Jesse James on the disgust ladder in our minds.  However, his mistress has another feeling.  In an interview with she said,

Everyone talks about how Johnny has fallen from grace. In reality he’s fallen to grace. He is integrated. He is living a life of truth. He has grown in awareness and humility. He had all these things within him, but they weren’t the guiding, leading principles of his life. Now they are.

Actual Problem:  As if this woman, who truly believes this home wrecker of a  man is in love with her, is delusional enough – she also places blame on wife Elizabeth for pushing him toward infidelity.  I’m going to have some trouble believing anyone who forgets to put pants on for a photo shoot.

Thanks to anonymous reader “A” for sharing this problem!


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