Here’s the Problem: David Anderson

Here’s the Problem:  Local NY news is all abuzz over David Anderson who jumped into the East River this weekend to save his 2 year old daughter.  Tauted as a “hero”, David is the press’s new Sully Sullenberger.

Actual Problem:  All of these articles suspiciously leave out how the kid landed in the river in the first place.  The way I see it, if you have a 2-year-old and you’re walking along a dock, you don’t let go of that kid’s hand.  And if you do (asshole)  you don’t get a laurel crown for then saving the life YOU endangered.

**Thank you to Elana Miller for this problem.  She may not have any kids, but she’s still a better parent than this dick.


2 responses to “Here’s the Problem: David Anderson

  1. ohhhh good point ! how did that baby end up in the river ?? Hopefully you do a follow up blog to some of the disaster stories

  2. Psst…Ladies…the word is “tout” not “taut”…I love you!

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