Here’s The Problem: Kirstie, Twitter & Me

Here’s The Problem: You all know about the new light of my life – Kirstie Alley. Well, because of her, I joined Twitter and now I have caused several ‘problems’ for myself. The biggest one being – I don’t UNDERSTAND it! What is all this @blahblah stuff? And what is a re-tweet? And why is Kirstie the only tweeter (is that a word) that I see? I’m so confused – this is why Lisa runs the HTP twitter!!!

Actual Problem: With all these freakin’ “tweets” and “twats” and “twitters” – I feel like I’m back working the goddamn Enchanted Tiki Room at Disneyland!


4 responses to “Here’s The Problem: Kirstie, Twitter & Me

  1. herestheproblem

    Hey Kar, how bout you don’t tell everyone I’m the only HTP twitterer? It’s gonna be hard to blame inconceivable, stupid and/or slutty tweets on you. On the other hand, maybe now @amandamason will stop tagging me when she’s talking about you.

  2. herestheproblem

    yeah – that’s half the reason I posted this – just so everyone is clear about who is who…..

  3. HAHahahahahahha

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