HTP Game Time!!!!

we've got bigger Problems than the celebs!

Let’s Play a Game!

Guess which Problem Girl belongs to which:


1. has fallen down the stairs at work more than twice

2. threw a fit in the middle of Fortunoff when her parents bought a new plate set

3. screamed and cried when she didn’t get the Queen Frosteen card in Candyland

 4. went to prom with her friend’s brother (who was possibly paid to take her)

5. slept in her car to avoid her roomates (who were prob sleeping anyway)

6. stole a handtruck from her last job because they didn’t pay her to move a tv


Answers tomorrow!!!!!!!!!



3 responses to “HTP Game Time!!!!

  1. I love games. Guesses:

    1. K
    2. L
    3. K
    4. K
    5. L
    6. L

  2. 1. L
    2. L
    4. k
    5. L
    6. K

  3. Lisa – 1, 4, 5
    Kara – 2, 3, 6

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