Here’s The Problem: Intern Hillary ♥’s Glee….and Eggos

oh gee, it's Glee!

Here’s the Problem: Okay guys…I will not hide the fact that I am OBSESSED with Glee. Who doesn’t love a comedy about a typical high school that just happens to have broadway veterans belting Madonna classics in the hallway? In last night’s episode, the pregnant cheerleader (doesn’t every school have one?) and the other glee girls did an oh so impromptu version of “Express Yourself.” I was too glued to the TV to realize one important thing…QUINN THE CHEERLEADER DIDN’T HAVE A PREGGO EGGO ANYMORE.

Actual Problem: Did I miss something? Can all preggers take off their bellies when they feel the need to boogie down to some Madonna oldies and then mysteriously have it reappear afterwards? I guess I would never have to experience this because my high school is REAL LIFE.

***another gem from our gem – Intern Hillary!!! xoxo


One response to “Here’s The Problem: Intern Hillary ♥’s Glee….and Eggos

  1. holy canoli.. i know.. it seems that whenever they sing and dance she is not pregnant, and then when they are walking down the halls she is (even if it does look like she’s just a little bloated)

    come on fox.. pregnant people can dance too!!!

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