Here’s the Problem: Introducing Lara Stone

Here’s the Problem:  Alright, I know this doesn’t interest you now, but we predict it will.   Write this name down – Lara Stone.  She was a super model.  She’s engaged to a British comedian whose jokes are way too high brow for us or any of our readers to understand. She said this in an interview:

I used to love slapping people in the face when I was drunk. I thought it was really funny, so I did pick fights with doormen and bouncers. Ex boyfriends. But nobody ever punched me back.

Actual Problem:  Please join me on this ride.  Any chick who gets wasted and walks around smacking guys is bound to be amazing entertainment.   I know from experience*.

**Half-hearted apologies to anyone I’ve smacked in high school (or last weekend).


One response to “Here’s the Problem: Introducing Lara Stone

  1. Yay, another hot mess who will become famous for being a hot mess. Sweetness.

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