Here’s the Problem: Denny’s Secret Baby

Here’s the Problem:  Jeanne (and Jeanne and Jeanne) sent me this very suspicious Live Journal entry (suspicious because who’s been trolling Live Journals since high school, but anyway…). This entry is about Dead Man Denny (more commonly known as Jeffrey Dean Morgan) bringing his new lady friend, Hilarie Burton, to a movie premiere.  Apparently she was preggers a few months ago (coulda fooled me) and there might be a tiny Denny out there that we are owed cute paparazzi baby shots of. WE ARE OWED.

Actual Problem:  Jeanne sent this to me days ago and I cannot stop staring at these photos.  What a ridiculously attractive couple.  And don’t they just look like the happiest people in the world?! I am nearly in tears of jealousy for BOTH of them.  Of both of them?  Nothing is grammatically correct here.  Is this day over?


One response to “Here’s the Problem: Denny’s Secret Baby

  1. OMG the is so funny I almost peed myself…

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