Here’s The Problem: iCarly Sings

really iCarly?


** Let’s just call this the Mid Morning Music Review…..

Here’s The Problem: This little girl from iCarly has an ablum too! WTF? I listened to her first single “Kissin U” (yes, it’s spelled like a f-ing text message) and I would like to annouce that Lisa and I can FOR SURE sing better than this girl. We could win a GRAMMY if we were up against this girl. We could perform accapella in a bathroom with bad acoustics and still sound like old school Mariah and Whitney before the crack  – compared to this girl.

Actual Problem: Cable networks need to figure out that just because you have a cute girl on a tv show does not mean you have to turn her into the next Miley.


2 responses to “Here’s The Problem: iCarly Sings

  1. Who decided THAT was a good album cover photo?

  2. They didn’t even let her sing in “School of Rock”. I mean, that’s a movie about kids singing and she was the band manager.

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